Unlikely Inspiration

Like many people the New Year has brought me to reflect on my past accomplishments and analyze paths for my yet to be achieved goals. Man I hope to live to be 200 because there is so much left to do and I’m behind! It was that thought right there, combined with a conversation from a friend, and nine life lessons from Tim Minchin, that I was motivated to write this post. Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places!

A girlfriend of mine was recently commenting on her dead-end job which is in fact not a dead-end but an amazing new start. My heart ached for her. Could she not see how far she had come? Was she not bursting with pride for the new and empowering choices she had made? New residence, new job, new lifestyle, new beliefs! She had completely reinvented herself but, so focused on the goals yet to be achieved, she had only harsh words for herself. Knowing words of praise and admiration would be dismissed as patronizing, I pondered how to share inspiration with my friend. Then I remembered one of nine life lessons from Tim Minchin.

“Don’t rush! You don’t already need to know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life… Not everyone goes through life chasing a solid dream.”

Then words from another friend came to mind. If you find yourself plagued by the troubles of someone else it is probably because their life or troubles are a mirror to something in your life. Hmmm… Yup I am definitely guilty of being forward focussed rather than accomplishment proud. So it looks like I should take my own advice. I will look forward on 2014 not with regret for the things that I wished I had accomplished but with pride for the all the things I have accomplished.

Last week I looked ahead at 2014 weary from all the un-accomplishments of 2013. Inspired by a friend seeking inspiration I now look ahead with an energy drawn from my past accomplishments.

Life feels better from a place of pride!

To my secret friend… You did well last year and I count you as one of my hidden mentors. Not everyone pulls out of darkness. I’m hoping the following video will inspire you as much as you have inspired me.



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