Self-Esteem is a Journey

I stumbled across a young lady this week who has deeply inspired me. Tavi Gevinson exemplifies healthy self-esteem.

What I like most about this lovely young lady, besides the fact that at 15 she is more put together than most adult women I know, is that she understands the importance of dialogue as a self-esteem tool at such a young age. Tavi has started an online magazine for teenage girls where she encourages creative thought and discussion on all things related to teenage life. Tavi presents self-esteem as a journey to acceptance rather than a path to perfection. Her website provides a platform for young women to communicate and “figure things out.”

In a Ted Talks presentation she presents herself as a feminist adding that she believes that “feminism is not a rule book but a discussion, conversation and process.” She continues by saying that “a strong female character has weaknesses and flaws and is not perfect.” She offers that these weaknesses and flaws do not make us imperfect merely human. I concur and believe that it is in the dialogue regarding the acceptance of these weaknesses and flaws that self-esteem lies.

Self esteem is not a destination but a journey. It is the journey of life. Life’s event will affect our self-esteem sometimes for good, sometimes for worse, and sometimes it will leave scars. Diligent correction is required to keep self-esteem healthy and communication and dialogue are the keys.

You can not give a person, young or old, self-esteem but you can offer them tools and provide a platform for communication. Tavi I salute you as a mentor to women, young and old, for encouraging communication and dialogue.   Having this understanding while you “still figure it out” will serve you well as a youth but it will be invaluable as you grow to adulthood and, as I am sure you will, continue to inspire others.


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