More on Hidden Mentors

Yesterday I published a post on Hidden Mentors and Self Esteem.  To support that post I would like to reintroduce a Dove Campaign video that was first published in 2008.  I believe the video very clearly expresses the tender age at which women begin to collect information that leads to poor self-esteem and body image issues.

Once again, however, I would like to reiterate how we, meaning women, promote unhealthy self-esteem and body image issues.  We are all hidden mentors.  As such, if we actively engage in an industry that is designed to “fix our female flaws” then we admit to being flawed and this is the message we send to our proteges.

We must accept that there is no ideal beauty.  We must promote beauty as a confidence that shines from within a women when she is at peace with her body.  We must treat our bodies to healthy lifestyle choices. We must promote beauty as being both young and old, short and tall, thin and thick.  We must also promote beauty in all the marvellous shapes that it is revealed in.

There is a time and place for medical intervention for aesthetic reasons but we must not  fall prey to our vanity and frivolously engage in  such practices.  We are all hidden mentors and the fashion and beauty industry is responding to our message.

Is your message going to be one of  self loathing or one of self-love?


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