Love Your Mirrored Reflection

 3119staged photoshoot 1I believe that one of the most important fashion tips that anyone can give is to remind each and every one of us that fashion is staged.  The images depicted in magazines typically represent hours of makeup, garment styling, and precisely calibrated lighting.  Magazine photo shoots are a specific art medium and the artists that work with this medium put a great deal of care and thought into their artistic endeavours.  Sometimes these endeavours are meant to represent real life and other times they are fantasy.  Consider, for example, the image to right.  I have been a clothing designer for 26 years and not once have I dressed in an evening gown and sprawled out on my cutting table like we encouraged this model to do during one of our photo shoots.  The image is artistic and in no way meant to represent reality.

Photoshoot BEFOREPhotoshoot AFTER

My point is to remind you that even if the images are meant to reflect real life, they do so with great effort and attention to detail.  The models in these images have had much effort given to creating their appearance.  It is so easy to see beautiful photos in magazines and to forget that those models don’t look that good all time.

Urban Deco BeforeUrban Deco After

No one is perfect and no one looks amazing all the time.  I have included pictures to help make my point.  The pictures were taken before and after a photo shoot for my Emma Scott Couture website.

One of the most amazing gifts a woman can give herself is a photo session with a professional photographer.  No one looks perfect all the time but having photo proof that you can look amazing is a self-esteem booster on down days.  I highly recommend that women enlist a photographer to create a portfolio of amazing images.

Many women create portfolios like this to give as gifts to their partners.  I recommend you do it as a gift for yourself.  Frame a few of the images and keep them close to where you dress everyday as a self-esteem booster.  Learn to love what is in the mirror.  I GUARANTEE that once you learn to love your reflection, an amazing transformation takes place and that mirrored reflection gradually becomes more and more beautiful.  Try it and let me know what happens.

Clive Scott Photography ~ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Heather Gray Photography ~ Boulder, Colorado, United States

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