My philosophy is integral to all facets of my life.  It was committed to words in 1999 to establish my viewpoint within the delightful, yet sometimes harsh, world of fashion. At the time I was considering opening my first boutique, and without being able to condense my view on fashion into a concise statement I just couldn’t move forward.  It was and is my way of honouring fashion as the marvellous art medium that it is, while encouraging healthy bodies and individuality of style.  I believe we should embrace the seasonal trends which honour our own bodies and spirit.


“I do not believe that appearance is a reflection of inner beauty.  I do however, acknowledge the impact that external aesthetics have on our own self-esteem, and on the way that others view us.  Considering this effect, I feel that clothing choices should not be driven by industry and seasonal trends.   I Believe that Fashion Should Empower… not Dictate.”

Emma Scott 1999