Four R’s

Emma Scott ~ collection 2002Not so long ago Reduce, Reuse and Recycle became a motto for a new standard for North American living.  This motto was suppose to encourage an awareness of the devastating impact that our lifestyles were having on the planet and set a new standard for  coexisting with the other living creatures that share our home.  Well… our consumption has increased, timed obsolescent has made much of our consumables non-reusable and our recycling attempts have had varied and sometimes questionable results. I suggest we add a fourth “R” and include Respect in with the the other three “R’s;” reduce, reuse, recycle.  A fundamental respect for all life on the planet is key to our continued survival.

I’m not going to engage in greenwashing and tell you stories of using silk that doesn’t kill silkworms, dyes thatEmma Scott ~ Collection 2001 are entirely plant based, and using only natural fibers because quite frankly strictly using these practices is not always a respectful or wise choice.  How we share this planet with all of mother nature is a complex balance that must be re-evaluated continuously.  Silk production kills silkworms but toxins emitted by the manufacture of synthetics have negative implications as well.  Natural dyes are often set with chemicals that are more dangerous than synthetic dyes.  Fabrics made with natural fibres have a shorter shelf life than some synthetics.  The best we can do is to stay informed and to attempt to deal with ethical manufactures. Don’t be fooled by greenwash marketing and source consumables that are manufactured with respect for people, plants and animals.

Emma Scott ~ Collection 2002 springAs a business owner I do my very best to reduce, reuse, recycle and be respectful.  I try to balance the needs of my business against the needs of both the planet and the inhabitants of this planet.  I buy from reputable manufactures who treat their employees well and who do their best to be respectful in their environments.  I feel that the best way that I show environmental stewardship is to produce non disposable garments.  I produce items that have classic lines that will see them through many seasons. Then I insure they have seam allowances that allow for changes down the road. 

These daywear collections pictured on this page were made in 2002 yet they are still very current. Non disposable clothing is an important way to contribute to the environment. I produce for lasting relevance rather than planned obsolescence.