emma-profile-picture-oct-2016Emma Scott is a passionate artist compelled to encourage the importance of fashion as a self esteem tool.  She resides on Vancouver Island with her husband, two dogs, two cats, three transient sons, and a rotating circle of family and friends. Through her career she has proudly raised three sons to adulthood and managed to stay madly in love with her husband of thirty years.

Emma has produced bridal, eveningwear and tailored apparel for women with discerning tastes for twenty five years.  She does not believe that appearance is a reflection of inner beauty but acknowledges the impact that external aesthetics have on self-esteem, and on the way others view us.  She feels that clothing choices should not be driven by industry and seasonal trends but by a desire accentuate and honour the shape we are uniquely packaged within.  Her work is driven by a passion for fit and a belief that fashion should empower the wearer.

Emma studied Fashion Design at Olds College.  She began custom design in 1987, grew to custom commercial in 1999, expanded to fun-crazy-designerwholesale distribution in 2004, and began exporting to the US in 2005.  Throughout her career, superior fit has been her driving force.  From 1992 to 1999 she developed a cad program to produce basic custom blocks.  In 2004 she began designing made-to-measure with the intention of integrating mass customization technologies.  Disappointed with garment industry attempts at mass customization she scaled back to custom design in 2007.  In 2012 she began dedicating herself full-time to the anthropometric research that had always been the passion behind her designs.

Currently her sketchbook and fabrics have been traded for research and writing.  She is publishing her methodologies and is working on programs to integrate her fit technologies into established mass customization technologies.  An artist at heart, there are hints of more collections to come.