Emma’s research has focussed on mathematically analyzing the human body so that  garments visualized with computer 3D modelling can be better translated to 2D patterns.  Current mass customized garment technologies have had only satisfactory results.  Fit preference discrepancies, and lack of substantial fit improvement have proven to be industry wide obstacles.

The root cause of fit behind every garment is a 2D pattern.  Whether a pattern is drafted with paper and pencil or a computer and mouse, the end fit of a garment creating the bra draft 2resides with the inherent fit of the pattern.  With a background focussed in custom garment design, Emma has extensive knowledge of the intricacies involved with customized fit.

She used this knowledge to develop mathematical algorithms that will predict body weight distribution, relate breast mound spread and protrusion to visual verses actual cup size, configure customized darting for key fit areas, analyze height for proportional design lines and then balance these fit realities against fit preference.

More information on Emma’s research can be found on the Fashion Should Empower website.